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Interesting Information for Monday Morning

Ok- interesting for me and hopefully for you too.

1. Q: Did you know as of April 1 2021 the LHIN has a new name?

A: Home and Community Care Support Services  (HCCSS) which was the LHIN and before that it was the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre).  I am told there are no changes to the program.

2.Q: Did you know that it is possible for the LHIN  or (HCCSS) to pay you to manage your own care?

A: Yes, in some circumstances they will cover the costs of you hiring your own PSW.  The program is called  Family-Managed Care.

3.Q: Do we have a Minister for Seniors?

A: Yes we do, but I have not seen any new initiatives from their offices.

Provincially: Raymond Cho

Federally: Deb Schulte

4. Q: What question am I asked the most frequently and to which I don’t have a good reply?

A:  “I want to renovate my mother’s home so she has an accessible shower rather than a bath tub. What grants are available?”  Sadly I am not aware of any provincial funding that is presently available.  The Federal Budget has several tax credits and the latest  is the Home-Accessibility Tax Credit.

5. Q:  What is happening with the vaccine rollout for seniors?

A:   The age brackets receiving vaccination differ a bit from region to region.  Listed below is eligibility criteria.

  • Toronto: Bookings can be made on this website. Starting tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., anyone 60 years of age or older can book a vaccine appointment. The age requirement is lower at some sites depending on other factors that are listed when you try to book an appointment.
  • York: You can book on this website. York Region is vaccinating those 65 years of age and older.
  • Peel: Bookings can be made on this website. Peel Region is booking appointments for those 70 years of age and older.
  • Durham:You can make a booking on this website. Durham Region is currently vaccinating those 70 years of age and older.
  • Halton:You can book an appointment on this website. Halton Region is vaccinating those 65 years of age and older.

Home bound seniors should be getting their vaccines very soon.

6. Q: Did you know that many retirement residents and those who live in Long Term care and who have been vaccinated are still not allowed to leave the building’s premises?

A:  If asked I can only imagine that many seniors would say:”I have been vaccinated and I want to see my family so let me sign a waiver and get out of here!”

When the cure is worse than the disease, we have an even bigger problem….






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