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Holiday Jingle 2018

Where has the time gone?  Have you noticed that the older one gets the faster time is? I can’t believe  we are almost at the end of 2017. Upon reflection, it has been a whirlwind year. Thankfully my family and I experienced good health.  However I know this has not been the case for many of you. My work takes me into the lives of many individuals who are not as fortunate. Many are in a state of crisis by the time they reach out.  Many are fighting with their families and many are dealing with health and aging challenges that can feel overwhelming.  I hope that  these blogs have provided some tips and helpful knowledge for you and have provided some support/guidance along the way.  I am very grateful to be part of your journey. At this time of year, however or whatever you celebrate, I hope you have friends and family with you.

Now on another note, every year end I add a stanza to my holiday jingle.   It is written with the best of intent and I hope will make you smile. This year however, I chose to refrain, as reading too long, can be a big pain…… hope you enjoy!

T’was the fight before Christmas, when all families know,
It’s better to forgive than tell them to F. O.,
Mom probably liked you better, if memory serves,
So while I am a P.O.A., she will get what she deserves

Come on siblings and get off your butts,
I need alittle help, ‘cause I really am going nuts,
I am pulled in many directions, with no time for my own,
Let’s hire an expert who we can speak with by phone

This Plan will save time and money and help us agree,
We can all care for Mom, in addition to me!
A Plan of Care will outline Mom’s needs,
Working together, we all will succeed

All families are strange, of this I am sure,
Now where did we put Elder Caring’s brochure?
Some guidance is needed to keep mom from harm
‘Cause with caregiver burnout, I’ve nearly bought the farm

I won’t wait this time, I will call them right now
Professional counsellors will give me know- how
I found it along with various papers
Advanced directives, wills, now finally some answers!

Meeting a counsellor, has made it much easier
I now have perspective on how to proceed
Hiring a caregiver is just what I need!
Alittle respite will go a long way
Of keeping my sanity day after day

Why did I wait? I really don’t know
We are living to 100 and there’s a long way to go
Having knowledge and resources makes it much easier
And learning when to say Yes and how to say NO!

Our government tells us, we should be aware
For those less fortunate, it may not be fair
Our society is aging and we all will need care
Live with your children? A threat or a dare?

Dementia is scary, forgetting all we know
The best is to love but how can we let go?
I too am part of the boomers, still looking ahead
One needs to be positive, no point feeling dread

 We’ve had the talk and filled out the Binder
Make sure your wishes are clear- just a reminder
What’s ahead for us all, we really don’t know
I hope to have the choice when it’s my time to go

Planning ahead – my message is clear
Keep talking to your family and loving them dear
Happy holidays to you. Thanks for reading and my very best for a healthy 2018.

-Audrey Miller

About Audrey Miller
About: Audrey Miller, Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. has over 30 years social work and rehabilitation experience working with older individuals and their families. She advises the financial, insurance, legal and business communities regarding elder care issues. Audrey is a recognized expert in her field. Email:

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  1. paul mills

    December 18, 2017 - 2:09 pm

    Nice job Audrey.

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