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Have you had the conversation yet?

It seems as though my last few blogs have all started off with a report on COVID-19 in Long Term Care residences and the number of residents who have died.

As of Sunday, May 2, 2020 there are now 170 long term care residences which have outbreaks and 954 confirmed deaths, up from 654.

Last week’s blog was on having the conversation and I was going to continue this discussion but instead I thought I would reflect on easier days and  decided to see what things were important to me and what I blogged about a year ago, before all of this COVID craziness.  Interestingly enough, my May 6, 2019 blog was on comfort care.  So, obviously planning ahead, having the talk, understanding what palliative care is and knowing our own wishes as well as those of our loved ones, is an important theme of mine.  This topic is timeless yet more important now than ever before.  So for those of you who are not familiar with ‘comfort care’, I thought I would repost it.

This pandemic is far from over, so one more time, if you haven’t discussed your wishes with your family, now is a really good time…..


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