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Goodbye Queen Elizabeth II

As I sat down to write my Monday blog, which was going to be on Bill 7, ( the ridiculous plan to have alternate level of care [ALC] patients transferred out of the hospital to anyplace, anywhere or pay $400 daily) instead, I decided to pay tribute to the late Queen.

Regardless of one’s own belief in the monarchy, I would say the Queen had a unique presence in many of our lives. As a Canadian, I have ‘known’ her my entire life. Every day in elementary school, not only did we sing O Canada, hymns, and salute the flag, but we sang ‘God Save the Queen’. Her picture was in every classroom and her presence, at some level, was always there.

Like every family, the Windsor’s had some familial conflict- marriage challenges, children who did not get along and certainly they had their share of scandal. However today, whether it is a national holiday or not, many will be watching a historical event as we say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II.

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