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I spent two days earlier this week at a conference with our Will & Estate Planners from across the country.

Our varied agenda included a comprehensive presentation by (fellow blogger) Corina Weigl on U.S. estate “issues” for Canadians. The issues discussed included: the filing requirements for Canadian residents with U.S. citizenship; what may be involved where Canadian parents wish to benefit children with a U.S. connection; and, the implications for Canadian residents of owning U.S. situs property. With respect to the latter issue, the consensus in the room was it’s way easier to just rent that condo on the beach!

Another fellow blogger, Audrey Miler, and her associate, Pauline Morris, presented to the group as well. I asked Audrey and Pauline to provide some tips on what we should be looking for when dealing with older/elderly clients. Although Scotia Private Client Group has clear policies in respect of, for example, what to do when we suspect someone may lack the requisite testamentary capacity, that begs the question of what such lack of or dimished capacity may look like. Pauline and Audrey provided some excellent  practical information in this regard.

All in all, an enjoyable, informative and engaging couple of days.

Do you recall the three words set out in my title? If so, Audrey assures me you’re probably doing just fine on the capacity front.

Thanks for reading.


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