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Month: September 2022

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Estates, Mutual Funds Dealers and Conflicts of Interest

The recent decision of Marrone (Re) by the Capital Markets Tribunal (“CMT”), an independent division of the Ontario Securities Commission, provides an interesting example of the intersection between the professional conduct rules governing mutual fund dealers and estates law as it relates to conflicts of interest. The facts in Marrone…

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September is World Alzheimers Awareness Month

Like many of you, I think about Alzheimers quite often; not only the (not so) occasional memory lapses but for anyone who lives with dementia- closely impacting their own lives- the devastation it can bring. Do we need a special awareness month to remind us? Yes we do. Most of…

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Farewell Your Majesty

Whether you are a Royal watcher or not, today we are in mourning.  Today, with the rest of Canada, the United Kingdom and the world, we mourn the loss of the longest-reigning British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. On Thursday September 8, 2022, the Queen passed away at the age of…

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RESPs, Trusts, and You

A Registered Education Savings Plan (“RESP”) is a cost-effective way of saving money for a child’s future post-secondary education. The concept of the RESP raises the question of who actually owns the funds therein. Is it the parent who contributes to the RESP (the “subscriber”) or the child for whom…

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Multigenerational Succession Planning; The Hilton Family As An Example

Overview We frequently hear the notion that the largest wealth transfer in modern history is commencing.  With that, clients increasingly share their objective of multi-generational, or dynastic, planning.  For me, as an estate planner, an immediate question arises, namely “How can we assist in accomplishing this objective?  Evidently, a goal…

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This blog was written by Danna Fichtenbaum Headlines were abuzz last week detailing claims issued in Connecticut state court by two of the daughters (the “Daughters”) of Paul Newman – actor and creator of the Newman’s Own food brand – that Newman’s philanthropic endeavour, Newman’s Own Foundation (the “Foundation”), is…

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