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2013 finished off with a huge bang!

Happy New Year. I write this blog at the end of 2013 while we have power. What I mean is we have power back after 4 days without. We were one of the lucky ones- without heat or hydro for only 4 days. Our phones and internet are still not working. We were also very fortunate to be able to stay with friends. For the many older individuals who live alone, I am concerned.
-What did our elderly neighbours do?

For the majority of seniors without cell phones, access to the outside world was a challenge.

As I write this blog, there are downed branches blocking my view to outside as trees had snapped with the weight of the ice. Like many others, we sustained significant damage to our property, including, trees, fences, plants and tool shed. It could have been much worse.

During this holiday period, I needed to see a doctor. Telehealth was closed, the walk in clinics in my neighborhood were closed and surprisingly, my own family physician did not have any coverage. Very fortunately, Med Visit was able to squeeze in one more house call. Unfortunately the pharmacy was without power so no prescriptions could be filled. Once more,
-What did our elderly neighbours do?

Over the last several years, my American colleagues have spoken about emergency preparedness. A concept that I did not fully appreciate until now. The need to have a ‘go to’ bag with important items (candles, matches, water, hand cranked radio, food, medication etc ) and a plan to follow, should now be part of everyone’s planning process. The boyscout motto of ‘be prepared’ continues to ring true. Let’s work together on being better prepared for whatever 2014 has to offer.
-Audrey Miller

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