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Month: March 2011

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Addressing the Needs of Elderly Patients and Emerging Healthcare Solutions

Emergency rooms just for the elderly? 1 in 11 Canadians over the age of 65 currently have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. As baby boomers age, the needs of elderly patients, especially those with dementia, pose new challenges to the medical community.

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Net capital losses in the year of death

Much of the discussion on tax planning in the year of death has been focused on terminal year capital gains. In a recovering market it is also possible for the deceased to suffer a capital loss on the deemed disposition of capital assets.

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So You Died Without a Will…

In my Blog of October 7, 2010, I spoke about why you should avoid being part of the 30% of Canadians who don’t have a Will. In that Blog I spoke about who gets your estate if you die without a Will. I also briefly mentioned some other issues that arise if you don’t have a Will. There are a number of other reasons for you to stop procrastinating and to start the process of getting a competently drafted Will in place.

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Spit Happens

Bed Blockers- an ugly term- especially if you care about the patients involved.

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What charity ratings really tell us

re we in danger of reducing complex community organizations to caricatures, ignoring public benefit in our rush to look at fundraising costs and operating reserves?

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Tax Reporting Obligations for Trustee and Executor Fees

In general, the payment of amounts for services rendered triggers some form of tax reporting and often, an obligation on the payer to withhold and remit amounts on account of tax. Payments made to trustees and executors are no different.

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