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Where There’s a Will Kit, Is There’s a Will?

This blog is contributed by Sally Lee LLB,  an Estate & Trust Consultant at Scotiatrust. I once got into a heated argument with my sister who wanted me to validate her decision to make a Will with  a Will Kit.  I vehemently opposed, and we did not speak for about a…

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Gifting Personalty

This Blog was written by: Sally Lee, J.D. In an old New York Times article, I read about Jackie Kennedy Onnasis’ personal effects being initially valued at $6 million and later sold at auction for $34.5 million. The IRS, no doubt, went after its share. When I meet clients for…

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Discretionary Estate Donations

The following post is by guest blogger Sally Lee, LLB, an Estate and Trust Consultant at Scotia Wealth Management in Toronto. What happens when a testator, under her will, grants her executor unfettered discretion to gift a share of the residue of her estate to a charity or charities? The…

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