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Crisis in Long Term Care

THE WHAT: Recently on most days newspaper articles are highlighting some injustice or abuse regarding seniors living in Ontario’s Long Term Care facilities, commonly known as ‘nursing homes’ or ‘old people’s home’. This is a major problem facing society and one that we must get under control.  Last week’s Marketplace…

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The Application for the Disability Tax Credit to be Reviewed: Hallelujah!

As most of you know, the Disability Tax Credit is a credit to income tax otherwise payable, available for those with a severe or prolonged impairment. It is meant to provide some relief from the additional costs and expenses incurred associated with the impairment. It is also referred to by…

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Alternative Level of Care- Take 2

Our Ontario government is short sighted. We/They have not planned well for the changing and aging of our society. There simply is no place for those of us who need care and are not fortunate enough to either have the funds to pay for it themselves or have the necessary…

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Thank a Family Caregiver

Tomorrow April 4, 2017 is Ontario’s first annual Family Caregiver Day. Family caregivers support the very fabric of our society.  It is not only about caring for older adults as it includes anyone who is in need of assistance. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘care’ as a “the provision of what…

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What Does A Healthy Meal Cost?

A complimentary copy of the Saturday Star was delivered to my door so I had the pleasure of holding a newspaper in my hand while enjoying my morning coffee (note: we have gone ‘paperless’ and I am not a happy convert). The headlines grabbed my attention: ‘Nursing homes feed seniors…

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6 Big Ideas, “Better Now” by Dr. Danielle Martin

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Danielle Martin address health care system challenges faced by Canadians daily.  In her book Better Now   Dr. Martin explores ways to make Canadian health care better. Dr. Martin is a family doctor and practices in the Family Practice Health Centre at…

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GAAR and 21-year rule planning

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was asked to comment on the implications of a transfer of property from a discretionary trust (Old Trust) to a Canadian corporation wholly owned by a new discretionary trust (New Trust). The 21-year deemed disposition rule provides that every 21 years in a family trust’s…

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Ontario’s Dementia Strategy and A DementiaHack!

Tomorrow is the last day of Alzheimers Awareness Month in Canada. Over the last several years I have shared many blogs on the crisis of dementia. It is a disease that impacts everyone and with science helping us to live longer, we need to appreciate that for some, they may…

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Dementia in Canada: Developing A National Strategy for Dementia-friendly Communities

“I can think of no other disease that places such a heavy burden on families, communities, and societies. I can think of no other disease where innovation, including breakthrough discoveries to develop a cure, is so badly needed.” — Margaret Chan, Director General, World Health Organization (Opening remarks at the…

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Holiday Jingle

T’was the fight before Christmas, when all families know,
It’s better to forgive than tell them to F. O.,
Mom probably liked you better, if memory serves,
So while I am a P.O.A., she will get what she deserves.

My holiday jingle with a new stanza added,
Please enjoy as intended, with a wink and a smile 🙂

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