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Jacob Kaufman is a lawyer with de VRIES LITIGATION LLP. Jacob assists clients with will challenges, dependant support claims, guardianship applications, power of attorney disputes and other estate and trust litigation matters. He has appeared before various levels of court, including the Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal for Ontario. Jacob obtained his law degree from the University of Western Ontario (with distinction) after completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University in history (with distinction). He has written articles for the International Law Office, Legal Alert and the OBA’s Deadbeat.


You can’t gift what you don’t have

Kindly Arlindo Teixeira took care of his elderly neighbour Mary Markgraf. Mary died shortly after writing a large cheque to Arlindo which could not be cashed due to insufficient funds. In Teixeira v. Markgraf Estate, 2017 ONCA 819, the Court of Appeal upheld the application judge’s ruling that this gift…

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CourtCalling The Bar

A remote court appearance service has been approved for use on the Estates List. Under the Rules of Civil Procedure there has always been the ability to conduct certain court appearances via videoconference. However, court approval has always been required (and the consent of the parties, unless the videoconference was…

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Estates Administration Act Thwarts Dependant Support Claim

In MacDonald v. Estate of James Pouliot, 2017 ONSC 3629, the court considered a constructive trust and dependant support claim against an intestate estate. While the court granted a constructive trust, it dismissed the dependant support claim as the property at issue had already automatically vested in the beneficiary pursuant…

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Court of Appeal Limits Dependant Support Claw Back

The family law bar must be breathing a sigh of relief after reading the Court of Appeal’s decision in Dagg v. Cameron Estate, 2017 ONCA 366. Both the application judge and the Divisional Court (discussed on this blog, respectively, here and here) held that a life insurance policy taken out…

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Is Probate Required To Appear Before Tribunals?

Does an estate trustee have to apply for probate in order to represent the estate before an administrative tribunal? Two administrative tribunals – the Workplace Safety Insurance Appeal Tribunal and the Humans Rights Tribunal have taken different positions. An estate trustee does not always require probate (the formal term is…

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Appeal Court: Fraudulent Concealment Stopped the Clock

I previously blogged about Roulston v McKenny et al, 2016 ONSC 2377, as a classic example of chutzpah. The deceased’s ex-wife had a claim against his estate if a life insurance policy lapsed. Even though the estate trustee knew that the policy had lapsed, she withheld this information from the…

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End of Life Decisions: A Legal Perspective

End of life decisions are some of the most fraught decisions individuals will ever face. Patients and doctors likely approach end of life decisions differently and from differing perspectives.  The Law Commission of Ontario (“LCO”), an independent organization that recommends law reform measures for the province, has produced two reports…

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Did fraudulent concealment stop the clock?

In Roulston v McKenny et al, 2016 ONSC 2377, the deceased’s ex-wife had a claim against his estate if a life insurance policy lapsed. Even though the estate trustee knew that the policy had lapsed, she withheld this information from the ex-wife – and then argued the ex-wife’s claim was…

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1993: Good Year for Baseball – Bad Year for Litigation

What made 1993 a memorable year? Justice Howard addressed that question in the opening seven paragraphs of his decision in Meriano v Benoot, 2016 ONSC 4839. Bill Clinton, Sir John Major, Kim Campbell and Jean Chretien all took office.  Czechoslovakia separate into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Prince changed his name…

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