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How to talk about death and dying: morbid curiosity welcome

I may be ghoulish, but I think not. I am quite interested in talking about death and dying. I’m the daughter of a former hospice nurse, a former student of a high school teacher who spent an entire term teaching about death and dying as part of a world religions…

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Mental Health is Health: 988 Suicide Crisis Hotline Goes Live

This past week, Canada took another step forward to address fundamental changes in access to services for mental health. The 988 Suicide Crisis Hotline went live to provide immediate contact and support services for those in a mental health crisis. Calling or texting 988 gives anyone free twenty-four access to…

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Dia De Los Muertos: grief and joy

Autumn is my favourite time of year. It’s often frantically busy with work, but when I have a chance to lift my head up from year-end responsibilities, I savour the reminders of abundance, the wealth of the harvest in this corner of the world, and the crisp cool air is…

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