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Yo, this is a shout out to Young Carers.

January  was Alzheimers’ Awareness Month and  on January 30th,  we also recognized and raised awareness for Young Caregivers. Many young carers,  defined by Stats Canada as young people between the ages of 15-24,  are helping their family members who are living with dementia. There are many carers who are much…

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Back to School and Young Carers

Starting our second week after Labour Day, means our children are getting back into their routines.  For some it is school sports, hanging with friends or extra school activities but for many, it might mean a shift in their caregiving duties and less time for themselves. It is therefore fitting…

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Young Carers and Back to School

With Labour Day fast approaching I thought it would be fitting to highlight the role that young caregivers have in providing care to another person. Since the creation of ‘Lucky, The Young Carer Rap’ video  which was a partnership with the Vanier Institute of the Family based on research conducted by…

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