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The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) Annual Conference

Earlier this week I attended the 19th annual National Conference of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (“STEP”). I must congratulate Michael Dodick, Janis Armstrong and their whole team for putting on another very successful conference. The success of the conference is easily measurable, there were 720 attendees, making…

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Estate Trustee During Litigation – A Refresher from the STEP 2016 National Conference

The reality is, with the impending transfer of one of the largest amounts of wealth in our history from one generation to the next, we are likely to see a continued up-tick in estate litigation. Along with that there will be the increased need for a neutral party to preserve the assets of the estate during the course of such litigation.

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Cowboy Will Writers in the U.K.: Save Now and Pay Later?

Cowboy will writers spark regulation of the will writing market in the U.K. Often the attempt by the testator to save money by not seeking professional estate planning advice, results in expensive estate litigation later on.

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