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Hidden treasure leads to hidden problems

This Blog was written by: Robert Boyd We have all read articles detailing how people have stash millions of dollars under their mattress or, executors discover vast quantities of gold discovered at the home of a recently deceased individual. From an estate planning perspective, this may come as a huge…

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You can’t wear two pairs of shoes at a time

This Blog was written by: Robert Boyd To anyone who may have a pang of guilt when approaching the counter at an airport duty free with a bottle under each arm, there was no need, you were indirectly contributing to global education and medical research. Chuck Feeney grew up in…

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Who wants to live forever……………through a digital bot version of themselves?

This Blog was written by Robert Boyd Absurd as the title may suggest, this is a possibility. The technology now exists for a robot to tweet, send and reply to text messages and post on social media profiles after a person’s death. The Artificial Intelligence(AI) will mimic the deceased’s personality…

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Winter is Coming

There are many factors that can be attributed to this spike in death rates but the most plausible explanation is the change in weather.

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Incenting From Beyond the Grave!!

Although the title of this blog is largely tongue-in- cheek, there is some validity to exploring how trusts can be used to incentivise or encourage the next generation to be successful or at the very least contributing to society in a positive way.

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