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Personal Support Workers (PSW)- an undervalued, underappreciated and a very tough job to boot.

But for many seniors, their  PSW becomes their best and closest support person. One of the major contributing factors to the  poor conditions typically found within Long Term Care has been the shortage of Personal Support Workers.  Simply not enough qualified hands to do the needed and necessary work of…

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“The Fundamentals of Caring”

What does ‘ALOHA’ mean to you? In the caring world- or at least in the Hollywood-type caring world, and in the movie “The Fundamentals of Caring” the acronym stands for: Ask, Listen, Observe, Help, Ask Again. Caregiving is so much more.

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Personal Support Workers- who are they?

Personal support workers who have the most 1:1 involvement with those in need of care, are unregulated. What does this mean?

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Let The Sunshine Show

Do we need to include terms such as ‘ caring, kind, pleasant and considerate’ to the skill requirement of caregivers? The National Occupation Classification (NOC) code 6471 (Personal Care Attendant) identifies these employment requirements as :’Some secondary school education is usually required. Child-care or home management experience may be required.Visiting homemakers may require college or other courses in home support.
First aid certification may be required.’ Is there something else missing?

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