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An XS-Cessive Inheritance

This Blog was written by: Natalie Rouse As some of you may have read in recent celebrity news such as the UK Mirror, the daughter of Michael Hutchence (a founding member and lead singer of rock band INXS) and Paula Yates (television personality), Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (“Tiger”), is currently…

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Multiple Wills – the West Coast version

This Blog was written by: Natalie Rouse Most of us are familiar with the 1998 decision of Granovsky Estate v Ontario. The case has been the leading authority to permit planning with multiple Wills in Ontario. The use of multiple Wills is now an integral part of the estate planning…

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Guardianship Decisions – The Sequel

This Blog was written by: Natalie Rouse Last week I wrote about some basic matters to consider when appointing someone as a child’s guardian. The person named as a guardian in a will must have that appointment confirmed in court. Courts are more likely to accept the appointment of a…

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And the Oscar goes to………..

This Blog was written by : Natalie Rouse   The 2017 Oscars are just around the corner and last year’s drama “Manchester By the Sea”, starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, is sitting pretty. It has been nominated for a whopping 6 awards. It also recently won the Golden Globe…

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Estate Planning & Organ Donation

There are many ways that we “live on” after our death – through memories, through words of wisdom we’ve shared or gifts we’ve given. Possibly the most tangible way for this to happen is to become an organ and tissue donor.

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Adult Adoptions: A Method of Manipulating Inheritance Rights

This blog is by Natalie Rouse, Scotiatrust, Scotia Wealth Management. Imagine this scenario: you are the beneficiary of a trust set up under your Mother’s estate. You are entitled to the net income of the trust during your lifetime, with the residue to your children at your death. You have a partner,…

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