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Multiple wills – potential benefits for clients with assets in multiple jurisdictions

This blog was written by Pius Omene, Estate and Trust Advisor at MD Private Trust Company which is part of Scotia Wealth Management The multiple wills strategy is a popular approach recommended by estate planning experts –especially in Ontario and British Columbia where it received judicial approval – and particularly for those who…

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Multiple Wills – More than just business owners

This blog was written by Justin Ecclestone, Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management The Multiple Wills strategy in Ontario often comes to mind when providing estate planning advice to successful business owners with private company shares. When speaking with business owners the benefit of the strategy is quite…

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A Roadblock for Multiple Wills

Today’s blog was written by Justin W. de Vries and Jacob Kaufman A will need not be probated. The power of an estate trustee derives from the will itself. However, in certain cases, a grant of probate (now awkwardly called a certificate of appointment of estate trustee with a will)…

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Rectifying a Will based on a Testator’s True Intentions

Where the language of the Will is unequivocal and approved by the testator, a court will refuse to rectify a will to match the testator’s true intentions.

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