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The Virtual Mediator: Fact or Fantasy?

This post was written by Diana Leopardi   It’s March 15, 2050, Eric Smith dictates an email reply to an asynchronous based mediation regarding an estate settlement issue. He then voice activates his favorite Spotify playlist and prepares to video chat his sister who lives across the country. In a…

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Feuding Families

Why can’t we just get along? While the focus of many disputes has to do with money ( and likely the majority that proceed to trial) , my interest is with the disputes that occur on the care side. What I have seen in my many years working with caregiving…

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COVID-19: Emergency Orders Extended and Courts to (Partially and Potentially) Reopen

Earlier today, the Ontario government extended all its emergency orders (including the order suspending statutory deadlines). de VRIES LITIGATION LLP brings you this special Saturday blog on this matter and other breaking developments on the justice system and COVID-19. As noted in my previous blog, the Ontario government made an…

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COVID-19 update: Limitation Periods Suspended and Working from Home

As I noted in my previous blog on COVID-19, the civil courts (including the estates list) have suspended regular operations. Now that government has made an order under sections 7.01 and 7.1 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act to suspend limitation periods and other statutory deadlines as at…

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