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Politicians and executors: two sides of the same coin

This Blog was written by Liz Bozek, The recent claim filed by Renata Ford challenging the executors of the estate of her late husband, Rob Ford, and the subsequent election of her former brother-in-law (and the subject of that claim), Doug Ford, got me thinking about some of the similarities…

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Know Your Client

This Blog was written by: Liz Bozek Most countries, including Canada, have anti-money laundering (AML) policies, and many require that all financial institutions strictly abide by those policies to support efforts against financial crime. At the heart of these compliance measures is the ever-increasing need that institutions and professionals know…

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A True Heartbreaker

This Blog was written by: Liz Bozek   As you have undoubtedly heard, Tom Petty died on October 2nd after suffering a massive heart attack. He was rushed to hospital and placed on life support but, after doctors discovered no signs of brain activity, the decision was made to remove life…

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