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Testamentary Charitable Trusts

From the 19th century to about 1990, the testamentary charitable trust was an important estate planning structure.  These trusts are part of the will and are funded after death from estate assets.  At one time, testamentary trusts were the primary way for an individual to support one or more charities…

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This Blog was written by Emily Racine, Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management  As an estate planner, I can divide the people that I see into two types of clients – clients who want to spend all their money before they die and clients whose major concern is…

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Shingeki no Kyojin: An Anime Unexpectedly About Family, Legacy and Succession

Last week, my colleague Yvonne Mazurak wrote a blog post about a recently-released television show, And Just Like That, discussing the estate planning issues highlighted by the events of the show. So, I thought I would provide a bit of a television recommendation show of my own…although my taste is…

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How to create a legacy

Lyndsay Green’s new book on legacy, The Well-Lived Life, sets itself an ambitious goal. Its subtitle is “Live with Purpose and be Remembered”. Mixing stories, philosophy and practical tips on estate planning and philanthropy this readable book makes a bold promise. Creating a legacy is hardly a new goal, and each…

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Legacy Alive: G.U. Pope in Tamil Nadu

As a philanthropic advisor, I constantly discuss legacy with clients.   Beyond a gift by will, a legacy transmits values, acts, and funds in a way that makes the world a bit better place.   Quite unexpectedly, I recently found out my great-great grandfather, George Uglow Pope, left what I can only…

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