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Reflections From the COVID-19 Frontline

Dr. Shulman reflects on his experiences with COVID-19 in the Seniors Mental Health Unit at Mississauga Hospital.

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Crisis in Long Term Care: Thinking About Tomorrow

My last 3 blogs have highlighted some of the challenges we are currently facing in our Long Term Care sector.  The bottom line is this: there are not enough residential placement beds to address the current and growing demand for those individuals whose care needs can no longer be met…

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6 Big Ideas, “Better Now” by Dr. Danielle Martin

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Danielle Martin address health care system challenges faced by Canadians daily.  In her book Better Now   Dr. Martin explores ways to make Canadian health care better. Dr. Martin is a family doctor and practices in the Family Practice Health Centre at…

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Health Navigation Needed

One of the most important components of good caregiving and in fact, good health – is advocacy. Report after report refers to the need for patient navigation. I, along with my fellow bloggers have all echoed the importance of Powers of Attorney. Having someone who knows your wishes, desires and…

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Spit Happens

Bed Blockers- an ugly term- especially if you care about the patients involved.

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