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Physical Restraint of Confused Seniors in Ontario Hospitals

Section 7 of the Health Care Consent Act (1996)[i] provides direction for restraint and confinement in a care facility. It states: “This Act does not affect the common law duty of a caregiver to restrain or confine a person when immediate action is necessary to prevent serious bodily harm to…

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Reflections From the COVID-19 Frontline

Dr. Shulman reflects on his experiences with COVID-19 in the Seniors Mental Health Unit at Mississauga Hospital.

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Can Alzheimer’s Patients Consent to Care Without Speaking?

The British Columbia Court of Appeal released its decision in Bentley v. Maplewood Seniors Care Society earlier this year. The closely watched case involved a late-stage Alzheimer’s patient who was supposedly consenting to being fed by opening her mouth when a spoon or glass was placed on her lower lip. The case raises…

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