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Intestacy and Removing an Estate Trustee

In Letourneau v Summers, the court examined the factors required to remove an estate trustee when there is an intestacy. The Applicant was the 82-year-old mother of the Deceased. She was the sole beneficiary of the Deceased’s Estate.  The Respondent was the Deceased’s brother and the Applicant’s son. The Respondent’s appointment…

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Removing an Estate Trustee: More Than a Feeling

In Viertelhausen v Viertelhausen, the court dismissed an application to remove the estate trustee due to lack of evidence of a true conflict of interest. The deceased, Bote, died without a will. His brother, Bill, obtained a certificate of appointment of estate trustee without a will. The applicant, Teresa (a…

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Estate Trustee Removed for Conflict of Interest

A recent New Brunswick case provides a thoughtful analysis on the removal of estate trustees (referred to as Estate Administrators in New Brunswick). In his will, the testator had named his sister as his estate trustee.  The beneficiaries of his estate were his two children and his brother, Yves.  However,…

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