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Can You Care For Me Today and I Will Leave You My House When I Die?

When I had previously thought of ‘Gift Planning’ I was only considering the Will component, the gift left to a particular charity, once the person had died.   I had not fully appreciated all of the challenges that might be experienced when working with the older person while they are still…

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Elder Abuse: When The Numbers Don’t Add Up.

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. I continue to be saddened by the many different ways that elders can be taken advantage of.   Financial abuse is one of the types identified, included with physical and emotional abuse as well as with neglect. There are some telltale signs that…

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Attorney compensation and then some…..

I had the pleasure last week of being a panelist as part of the Canadian Association of Gift Planner’s mentoring & education breakfast, on the topic of Ethics. When I had previously thought of ‘Gift Planning’ I was only considering the Will component, the gift left to a particular charity,…

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Could There Have Been A Different Outcome?

Case Example 1:   John,  was a 93 year old, well -to -do gentleman, never married  and had no known family.   He lived in his own home in a nice part of the city.  His next door neighbor had kept an eye out and assisted him over the years by shoveling…

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Crisis in Long Term Care

THE WHAT: Recently on most days newspaper articles are highlighting some injustice or abuse regarding seniors living in Ontario’s Long Term Care facilities, commonly known as ‘nursing homes’ or ‘old people’s home’. This is a major problem facing society and one that we must get under control.  Last week’s Marketplace…

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Have You Been Scammed Lately?

Have you been called from someone saying they are from a particular computer company and they want to fix the virus in your software program? How about the caller who identifies themselves as your granddaughter’s friend who they had their wallet stolen, is stranded and needs your help? Or the…

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When the Best of Intentions becomes Financial Abuse

Should we be suspicious of friendly neighbours who offer a helping hand to a senior? What may start out innocently and with good intent does not always stay that way.

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Financial Abuse of Elders – The Role of the Police

While many of us our familiar with the general dynamics of the financial abuse of elders, and, may in fact have engaged in planning in an effort to thwart such abuse or in litigation resulting from such abuse, most “estate professionals” are much less familiar with the role law enforcement plays with respect to the issue.

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Watch Out For Scammers: Protect Your Parent’s Money And Assets.

The RCMP say that seniors are particularly susceptible to telephone fraud because their generation tends to be more trusting and less likely to hang up the telephone on someone who appears to be very friendly. How many magazine subscriptions do you have?

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