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A Cautionary Crypto-Tale

My fellow blogger Maureen Berry and colleague Demetre Vasilounis, Student-at-Law, recently blogged about a form of digital assets that has received limited treatment in Canadian estate law commentary, namely digital assets that continue to generate revenue after the death of the owner, such as the YouTube and Twitch “Partner” programs….

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Coming to an Estates Court Near You?

When one year ends and a new one begins, it is common to look ahead and make predictions about what may be in store in the coming year. In that vein, the decision of Del Frate J. in S.H. v D.H., ONSC 4506, caught my eye. Although the decision is…

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Welcome Amendments to the ODSP General Regulation

Please note, this blog has since been updated here. In my last blog, I began looking at the treatment of the “matrimonial home” under the Ontario Family Law Act, and promised to continue that discussion in my next blog, which of course is this blog. I have decided to put…

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Death and TOSI Part 2: Spouses

My past two blogs have looked at the December 13, 2017 draft legislation that amends and expands the tax on split income (“TOSI”) rules. In my last blog I outlined some of the special rules that apply (in the context of TOSI) to income and gains on property that is…

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The Senate Strikes Back?

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the federal government’s reforms to the taxation of private companies was released on December 13, 2017. On that date, the Minister of Finance released the draft legislation and explanatory notes for the revised version of the “income sprinkling” or “TOSI” (tax on…

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Henson Trusts Revisited

In January, the British Columbia Court of Appeal released its decision in S.A. v. Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation (“S.A.”), 2017 BCCA 2, dismissing the appeal of S.A., who was the original Petitioner. In its reasons, the B.C. Court of Appeal includes a discussion of trusts commonly referred to as “Henson…

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Pre-Conception Parentage Agreements

Over my past several blogs I have looked at the new rules for determining parentage introduced in the All Families Are Equal Act (Parentage and Related Registrations Statute Law Amendment), 2016, S.O. 2016, c. 23 (“Act”), since it is important for estate planners to understand and appreciate the variety of…

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In this installment of my blogs on multiple wills (for probate planning) I will focus on the important issue of defining the assets that will be governed by the Primary and Secondary Wills. As in my prior blogs, I will use the term “Primary Will” to refer to the will that is intended to be probated and “Secondary Will” to refer to the will that is not intended to be probated.

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In my last blog I began a discussion of multiple wills. I will continue that discussion in my next blog. For today’s blog, I will focus on two recently-announced tax measures that relate to planning for persons with disabilities. The measures were included in the legislative proposals relating to the Income Tax Act (“ITA”) released on September 16, 2016.

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