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The National Gallery of Canada’s Purpose

At the recent opening of the new Indigenous and Canadian Art Galleries at the National Gallery of Canada (NGC), Director Marc Mayer made a fascinating throwaway comment. Due to the inclusion of historical objects and artifacts made by Canadian indigenous people NGC had to redraft its legal purposes.  In other…

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Deaccessioning Donations of Art

Deaccession. It’s a word that brings chills to donors and would-be donors of art to public galleries.   The ingratitude.   The betrayal.  How can they sell my gift, my art?!  To deaccession is, in conventional curatorial thinking, to break trust with donors.  It chases them away. In the spirit of pragmatism,…

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Estate Donations of Art

Fine art is an asset class that has been growing in importance among the affluent and is beginning to be a significant part of certain estate plans.   One estimate pegged the international art market at €51 billion in 2014, and Canada has seen record prices at auction.   Many collectors are…

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