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Story of My Family

Story of My Family is a Japanese drama that I have started watching on Netflix and  so far, in episode one it has all the intrigue that we see in the world of estates, including challenging family dynamics, aging, incapacity and undue influence. We are introduced to an aging pro wrestler who returns to his family after 20 years to fight for his inheritance when his father — a respected Noh actor — threatens to leave his fortune to his caregiver.

While I enjoy the cultural component (the patriarch is a ’Living National Treasure’ as a Noh performer), and have learnt that some of these issues are unique to Japanese traditional art families,   the story is universal as it  speaks the common language we hear every day and  touches upon memory loss, family obligation and caregiving.

Sometimes watching a movie can be an escape and sometimes it can be fodder for a blog!  Happy Monday.

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