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Krista Brown has worked in the legal profession for over 21 years. Krista has extensive experience in complex, high value estate planning, estate and trust administration as well as drafting Marriage Contracts for high net worth clients. Krista's experience also includes drafting wills, trusts, codicils, powers of attorney and cohabitation and marriage agreements.

#FreeBritney: Conservatorship vs. Guardianship

Many of you have heard of the #FreeBritney movement which has been gaining media attention over the past few years. After Britney Spears’ very public breakdown due to mental health issues, a court in California appointed her father, Jamie Spears and a third party, as her conservators. The court appointed…

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Row Row Row Your Boat!

Today’s blog deals with the transfer of the ownership and license of pleasure crafts to a named beneficiary in a Will. Before I get into the process of transferring the ownership and license of a pleasure craft registered in the Canadian Register of Vessels (Please note: not all pleasure crafts…

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Dude, Where’s My Car? – How to Transfer the Ownership of a Deceased Person’s Vehicle to a Beneficiary in Ontario

More often than not, we come across the following question from an Executor: How do I transfer the ownership of the deceased’s vehicle where the deceased specifically named a beneficiary in the Will? This seems like a fairly simple process but as I’ve learned over time, nothing is as simple…

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New Year, New Encounters

Another year, another lockdown. It was not my intention for my first blog of 2021 to concern COVID-19 but, alas, here we are. Although COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, new measures have been implemented by the Courts and by Legal Practices to allow us to continue to properly…

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To Take Flight or Not to Take Flight, That is the Question!

A recurring mantra of many people is the phrase that they “need to get their affairs in order” when significant life events occur, when they are planning a trip or when they simply wake up one day and realize they don’t have a Will and they aren’t getting any younger….

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