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Justin has been consistently named as one of the Best Lawyers in Canada/Trusts & Estates. He is an accomplished litigator who has appeared before all levels of the Ontario Court & the Federal Court of Canada. Justin's areas of expertise include: estate, trust, and capacity litigation, as well as probate applications and estate administration. He regularly speaks on estate, trust and capacity issues. Email:

Common Interest Privilege

Can parties who are on the same side protect privileged communications which are shared among their respective lawyers?

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The Beautiful And Damned (with apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald)

The breakdown of a marriage or common law relationship can raise a host of complex legal issues both for the living and the dead. One issue that seems to crop up again and again is life insurance proceeds and who should benefit.

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Understanding the Cy-Près Doctrine

The cy-près doctrine sounds formidable. However, it is an invaluable tool to ensure that the charitable intent of a testator is respected despite the changing sands of time.

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So What Is Elder Law Anyway?

The progress of elder law in Canada remains slow in face of a certain amount of healthy scepticism. Is elder law a ‘real’ area of law or just a new way to market legal services to older adults and their families?

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Applying Proportionality to an Award of Costs in Estate Litigation

The fine art of proportionality applied or hindsight run amuck? You decide.

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Choose your Estate Battles Carefully

Not a happy day for respondent beneficiaries where a rectification application they opposed was granted and the court then ordered that they pay the costs of the applicant personally. Estate litigation is no cake walk.

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Rectifying a Will based on a Testator’s True Intentions

Where the language of the Will is unequivocal and approved by the testator, a court will refuse to rectify a will to match the testator’s true intentions.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Choosing an Executor

Over the last two weeks, a number of blogs have addressed the issue of choosing an executor. Here is a litigator’s perspective (for better or worse).

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Welcome to All About Estates and our inaugural blog!!

Welcome to All About Estates and our inaugural blogg!! It is a diverse group of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. All About Estates aims to provide you with a smorgasbord of ideas, trends, comments, and tidbits on interesting and diverse topics. Each weekday a different blogger from a different organization will write an entry.

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