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Month: December 2021

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Did you know[1]?  Of the one billion population of persons with disabilities, 80% live in developing countries. An estimated 46% of older people aged 60 years and over are people with disabilities. One in every five women is likely to experience disability in her life, while one in every ten…

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Another reminder about beneficiary designations – Simard v Hall

Today’s blog has been written by Yvonne Mazurak, associate at Fasken LLP I’ll admit it–I love watching holiday movies. And the more predictable, the better. I recently watched one that hit many of the expected tropes: the main character returns to their hometown from the “big city” to reconnect with…

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Saying goodbye

This blog was written by Teresa Acs Saying goodbye.  When the blog you are writing is called All About Estates, you might think this is a goodbye to a dear loved one and, in many ways, you would be right.  I am retiring at the end of the year after…

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Lost in Translation: Clients Who Do Not Speak English

Canada is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Ontario is amongst its most diverse provinces. As globalization continues, Ontario’s lawyers will undoubtedly encounter a continued increase in client diversity. What are a lawyer’s responsibilities when faced with potential clients who do not speak either of Canada’s…

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