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Month: June 2019

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Summer is Around the Corner…….

Many of us like to take summer holidays and for caregivers, this brings some extra things to consider. Should you decide to vacation with your older parent, there are some pre planning tips that can make this journey more enjoyable for both of you. Firstly, know what type of holiday…

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Estate Planning and Family Law: The Matrimonial Home Part II

In a prior blog, I began a discussion of the use of marriage contracts as part of an integrated estate plan to preserve and protect family wealth. In particular, that blog began a discussion of the legal regime that governs a “matrimonial home” under the Ontario Family Law Act (“FLA”),…

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4x $100 million+

  In 11 weeks between March 25 and June 3, 2019 three $100 million dollar charitable donations were announced in Ontario. On February 13th, McGill University in Montreal announced a $200 million donation. These are enormous sums, and this unprecedented donation cluster is just the beginning of bigger things to…

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The French Elvis and Instagram

People readily post about their lives on social media, including where they travel to or where they eat (sometimes on a daily basis).  Celebrities, for example, use social media platforms (such as Instagram and Twitter) to connect with their fans and keep them posted of the fabulous lives of the…

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Recently, I encountered a scenario where the trustees of a family trust were planning an allocation of proceeds from a share sale transaction to the beneficiaries of trust using the lifetime capital gains exemption but it appeared that the allocated amounts would physically end up in the hands of other…

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Ending Loneliness, A Spare Bedroom and A Shortage of Affordable Housing

June is Senior’s month in Canada. As you know we have more seniors living than young people under age 15 and even though numbers are high, seniors often find themselves alone and unfortunately for many, they are lonely.  I have  previously blogged about the appointment of the British Minister for Loneliness…

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