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Month: February 2018

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Crisis in our LTC Homes Continued #2

The sad story of our Long Term Care crisis continues and this blog will focus on what’s available and the seniors who apply for them.  As we know, Long Term Care homes provide Ontario residents with access to 24 hour nursing and personal care and are available to those 18…

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Safe Space: Governance in Action

For most businesses they evaluate their success by quarters or perhaps terms described as “short”, “medium” and “long”. For a family business, they measure success by ensuring the company is preserved for the next generation and beyond.  And despite the statistics which suggest that successfully transitioning a family business to…

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Know Your Client

This Blog was written by: Liz Bozek Most countries, including Canada, have anti-money laundering (AML) policies, and many require that all financial institutions strictly abide by those policies to support efforts against financial crime. At the heart of these compliance measures is the ever-increasing need that institutions and professionals know…

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Buying the (Family) Farm?

This blog was co-authored with Ronald Neal, student-at-law. John the Farmer wanted to buy the family farm after his mother died. His siblings wanted to sell it on the open market. In Janicek v. Janicek, 2018 ONSC 681, the court had to decide which outcome the will dictated. Background The…

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Business owners-managers put money in and take money out on a regular basis during the year, and at the same time often use the business bank account for what may appear to be personal expenditures. This often leads to shareholder advance balances at year end and some major bookkeeping challenges…

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Crisis in Long Term Care

THE WHAT: Recently on most days newspaper articles are highlighting some injustice or abuse regarding seniors living in Ontario’s Long Term Care facilities, commonly known as ‘nursing homes’ or ‘old people’s home’. This is a major problem facing society and one that we must get under control.  Last week’s Marketplace…

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The phrase “No good deed goes unpunished” is often attributed to Clara Boothe Luce, an American Dramatist, who was the first American woman appointed to a significant ambassadorial post abroad. Today it is often used to express the idea that beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with hostility. …

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Charity v. Benevolence

Last week I received two inquiries from caring colleagues hoping to help individuals in need.  One person had cancer and had lost his business, while the other was a sick child who perhaps could benefit from her own charitable foundation.  As heart-rending as these stories are, neither qualify as “charity”. …

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