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Month: February 2011

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John M. Hodgson, Q.C.

John Hodgson, Q.C. remembered

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So What Is Elder Law Anyway?

The progress of elder law in Canada remains slow in face of a certain amount of healthy scepticism. Is elder law a ‘real’ area of law or just a new way to market legal services to older adults and their families?

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A death benefit is an amount you receive after a person’s death in recognition the deceased person’s employment service.

How does it get taxed?

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Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo, Who Will Get Your Kids After You Go…

This is a question that plagues parents when they do their Wills – often to the point that they don’t actually do their Wills. Perhaps knowing what the effect of including a guardianship clause in a Will is, parents wouldn’t let this issue stymie the completion of their Wills.

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Caregiver Tax Credit (CTC), Disability Tax Credit (DTC): Do I Qualify?

Caregiver Tax Credit (CTC), Disability Tax Credit (DTC): Do I Qualify? Growing older with a disability raises questions for parents and adult children alike. For many parents raising a child with special needs, they worry who will look after their adult child when they are no longer capable.

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My Digital Afterlife

Digital estate law and wills that address our online footprints are in their infancy, to put it mildly. Just wait. It’s coming. This will be a whole new sub-genre of estate law

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