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Things Left Behind

This blog was written by Suzanne Singh For several years our company had been “D’s” appointed attorney under her POA.  Up until her late-eighties D was independent and occasionally took a bus downtown to drop by our office to invite me for coffee; she would share stories of her youth…

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Enduring POAs and Gathering Bank Accounts

This blog was written by Suzanne Singh A Power of Attorney is a document that can bestow a wide range of powers to a named party or parties (the Attorney) by an individual (the Donor). POAs may be special or limited in their scope, or enduring in nature where they…

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Staying at home longer? Self/Family Managed Care may be an option

This blog was written by Suzanne Singh Census numbers from 2016 revealed that seniors in Canada were outnumbering children for the first time in the survey’s history (StatCan 2016 census). It follows that with the tax base getting smaller and demand for health care services increasing, we can expect challenges….

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