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Videos and Wills: Helpful or Harmful?

Pictured: A screen grab from the music video for “Only Acting” by Kero Kero Bonito. It’s one of my favourite songs. It’s not quite about video wills, but it does show off some of the challenges of recording oneself. What are Video Wills? Some practitioners have floated the idea of…

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Avoid Becoming Part of a Statistic

LawPro recently released its report concerning Wills and estates malpractice claims as of the end of 2022.  As we approach the busy year end, I thought it would be helpful to remind practitioners of the most common errors and some risk management tips in that regard. Interestingly (and perhaps somewhat…

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Thoughts on Litigating in a Pandemic

We are now several weeks into self-isolation, physical distancing, and working from home. Litigating is certainly not top of mind for most people. Moreover, the courts are operating under a limited schedule and will continue restricting the number of matters moving forward well into the summer (jury trials, for example,…

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