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Month: May 2022

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Estate Planning for Agricultural Producers

This blog was written by Maggie Dalke – Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management There are a significant number of agricultural producers that require estate planning services.  According to a 2016 Statistics Canada report, there are 193,492 census farms in Canada.  Many agricultural producers are reaching retirement age…

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Undue Influence Voids a Capable Testator’s Will

In Krivokapic v. Josephe Boss, the Quebec Court of Appeal affirmed the invalidity of a capable testator’s Will that was procured through undue influence. Facts The testator, Valentin Boss, was an accomplished professor and author during his career. The testator was married for 22 years, and had one daughter, Sylvia…

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A family trust and its beneficiaries – think twice before including your niece or nephew

Discretionary family trusts used to be a staple in most private company corporate structures. The income splitting benefits were obvious, and professionals were more than happy to implement a family trust in almost any corporate structure. The popularity of using family trusts eventually led to complacency from some professionals in…

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April Showers Bring More May Showers…..

Happy May- it may not feel like Spring- but this is what our calendar tells us.  Now Census data tells us that the number of seniors over age 85 is expected to triple in the next 25 years- YIKES.  The Atlantic provinces will have the highest proportion of seniors (over…

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