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New Year, New You?

Most peoples’ new year’s resolutions include going to the gym more often, eating healthier, losing weight, spending more time with family and friends, saving more money and getting more sleep, to name a few, but what about reviewing your estate plan? If you have experienced any significant changes in your…

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2017 – Fake News & Fidget Spinners

This is my 8th annual year end investment review for Trusts. As I have indicated in the past, Trustees are accountable for a prudent investment policy. This includes a review of the performance of the investments in the Trust. For Trusts that hold a portfolio of marketable securities, a fundamental…

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Moving to another Province? Update your Estate Plans

It is common for Canadians to move from one province to another. As part of such a relocation, financial planning and personal relationships are among two aspects of life that often change or evolve. The law applicable to a particular matter may also change depending on the province. The jurisdiction…

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Withdrawal of RRSP Over-Contributions After Death

When an annuitant of a RRSP makes over-contributions (or unused contributions) to his or her RRSP and wants to withdraw them without penalty, the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) will permit the annuitant to withdraw the over contributions and claim a deduction accordingly, as long as the CRA can be shown…

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A Directed Death

My first blog of the New Year  may be about death. But it is about having as good a death as possible- (in your own bed while asleep) and of your choosing…..A recent  blog was about  a fellow who wanted to ensure his dying wishes would be followed which involved…

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The New TOSI Rules from 30,000 Feet

As I noted in my last blog, the Minister of Finance released revised draft legislation and explanatory notes for proposed changes to the tax on split income (“TOSI”) on December 13, 2017. The new rules are an improvement on the original July 18, 2017 release, in that they have been…

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2018: The Year of the Ultimate Limitation Period

All of us at AllAboutEstates hope you had a happy new year and will have an equally happy 2018. But 2018 must also be a year of vigilance: it is the last year that most historical claims (i.e. claims arising from events that occurred before 2004) can be brought before…

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