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Today is National Senior’s Day.

What does this mean exactly? Does it mean a greater discount at Shopper’s or at Timmy’s. I don’t think so……

It is actually a reminder to all of us to acknowledge the great contribution made by seniors every day. As boomers reach this milestone, a senior is officially defined as someone over the age of 65, but this definition in practice may vary between the ages of 55- 60 and 60- 65 years plus. This official definition may include access to provincial and and other monetary benefits( and yes Shoppers Drug Mart does offer a 20% Senior’s Day discount on the last Thursday of every month).

Our Federal government is working hard to develop strategies and policies to support ‘seniors’ to remain living as well and healthily as possible. We now have the beginnings of a Dementia Strategy-actually we have a Ministerial Advisory Board on Dementia who will advise the Minister of Health on dementia care and key issues that need to be addressed. As we know the greatest risk of developing dementia is getting older… so we have to be prepared for our ‘golden years’. With the average life span for Canadians aged 65 and above at 87 for men and 89 for women we hopefully have many years ahead.
There are a number of tools now available on the Federal website offering tips and information on aging in place and ways to balance work and caregiving- a favorite theme of mine.

So take this day to thank a senior in your life. Visit or call family members. Spend some time together, go for a meal, go for a walk together or just pick up the phone and say hello…….

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About: Audrey Miller, Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. has over 30 years social work and rehabilitation experience working with older individuals and their families. She advises the financial, insurance, legal and business communities regarding elder care issues. Audrey is a recognized expert in her field. Email:


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