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The Monday after Mother’s Day

While the sun did shine yesterday, it was still a difficult day for many of us.  I can’t even image the terrible pain as a parent and specifically as a mother- to lose a child.  As a daughter I know the pain of having lost my mother. Regardless of age  and I guess for me personally, there is an emptiness that  is  a daily reminder of someone very dear and close, that is missing from my life. Certainly not missing from my memory and thoughts but her absence is felt- every day.

I re-read some of  my earlier blogs, including those about Mother’s Day and it is so evident to me the role that mother’s  play in our lives.

In my day to day work, I speak with families who are struggling and for my fellow bloggers and for  the many readers of this blog- the familial challenge that parents and their children experience can be heart wrenching.

Children fighting over the care of a parent- or fighting over how the parent’s money should be spent in their final years.

I often hear people joking about being good to their kids so the kids can be good to them in their older years.  Is this what it is about?  I don’t think so.

Being a mother is a privilege and perhaps we need a little reminder to appreciate those around us.

“Be the Mom you want them to remember.” – unknown


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