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A fond farewell

For the past four years I have been a regular contributor to the All About Estates blog. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this collaborative process, this will be my last blog post entry. I have enjoyed working as part of the All About Estate teams and sharing…

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Update on End of Life

By now most of  us have heard that the Trudeau government is asking the Supreme Court to grant a six months extension to the deadline imposed last year as part of the Carter decision (see 2015 SCC 5). What this means is still unclear but adds to the speculation that…

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National Senior’s Day

October 1 was National Senior’s Day.  This national day was created (by statute called the Celebrating Canada’s Seniors Act, S.C. 2010) to acknowledge the contribution of seniors to Canadian society and to the Canadian economy which this contribution being identified by the sharing of their experiences, expertise and knowledge with…

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Memorial Jewellery – From Ashes to Diamonds?

After cremation, most people think of ashes being “sprinkled”, held in an urn or interred. Many companies are advertising different options in the form of “Memorial Jewellery”, and one has developed a method of creating diamonds that are purportedly “molecularly identical to naturally occurring diamonds” from cremated remains.

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Interrelation of Family Law and Estate Planning

With many couples, one or both spouses have had previous marriages or common law relationships. For many reasons, these couples’ estate planning instructions are not usually the traditional “all to my spouse with a gift over to my issue”, and clients should understand how their estat planning decisions may be impacted by family law.

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