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The Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan was recently asked (in the case of Gust vs. Langan et al., 2020 SKQB 42) whether a will handwritten on a paper napkin created by the deceased sometime before his death met the requirements of being a valid will under the relevant Act to permit…

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Estate Planning in a Pandemic: No Easy Solutions

This Blog was written by Suzanna Walter, Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management It is not surprising that in a pandemic many people are very concerned about their estate plan.  This blog will focus on making a valid Will. In Canada each province and territory has its own…

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Once a Qualifying Spousal Trust, Always and Qualifying Spousal Trust – and a Note on Deathbed Holograph Wills

During the June 10, 2016 Toronto STEP Conference Roundtable, the CRA was asked to provide its views on paragraph 8 of IT-3054, which states: Once a trust qualifies as a spouse trust under the terms of subsection 70(6), it remains a spouse trust and is subject to the provisions affecting…

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The Clock Ran Out On This Will Challenge

Limitations statutes can be unforgiving. One dairy farmer learned this lesson in Reid et al. v Reid; Reid v Reid et al., 2016 ONSC 2098, when his will challenge was dismissed for being commenced out of time. Barry and Robert are brothers. Their parents, Walter and Mary, operated a dairy…

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