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Staying Cool is Hard to Do…..

Wow it is hot out there! With temperatures in the 30’s, 40’s and in some places, the 60’s, it can be difficult to enjoy ourselves away from the air conditioning. And as we are well aware, not everyone has access to A/C.  Summer has hit us hard and although  all…

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Hot Stuff!

It is hot out there.  We have had heat advisories  and I hope we have been paying attention.  I called my elderly client  to see how she was doing and she  told me she was not feeling well. I spoke with her caregiver and  asked if her AC was working. …

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Safe Summer Tips and Vacationing with an Older Family Member

At least 54 people in Quebec have died over the last 2 weeks due to this current heat wave; the majority were seniors. Summer has hit us hard and although all winter long we look forward to warmer weather, the heat can actually cause harm- especially to the elderly. Those…

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