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Can You Preserve Your Tattoos After Your Death?

Introduction Last year, I wrote a blog post about estate planning for tattoo artists, which focused primarily on the intellectual property rights of tattoo artists in their tattoo designs and the ways in which such rights conflict with the rights of the people who actually bear such designs on their…

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A Lot of Plots or a Plot of Lots?

Reading my colleague Diana’s blog of a few weeks ago, ‘Whose Land Is It Anyways’ ,  reminded me of my friend’s current challenge.   She owns a lovely piece of  prime real estate in a prestigious and sought-after location in mid-town Toronto (off Yonge Street) with a great view!  Sounds…

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Funerals in the Internet Age

A recent blog by Elaine Blades discussed some of the succession issues arising from recent developments in reproductive technologies.  As a recent article in the New York Times demonstrates, the modern funeral service is also not immune from the relentless progression of the technological age. One of the first responsibilities…

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