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January is Alzheimers’ Awareness Month

Let’s take a moment to consider one of the biggest health crises that we will be facing over the next several years. A health diagnosis that not only robs people of their memories but a health crisis that can destroy families. Without planning, I fear it may also bankrupt our…

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The Role Played by the Family Caregiver

The family caregiver plays a key role in supporting the very fabric of Canadian society. The most recent Census data tells us that 28% of all Canadians provide unpaid care to a family member or friend. If you are reading this article, chances are you are or know someone close…

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The Latest Census Data: 2016

I am not a big fan of statistics but these figures are worth noting. Today there are more seniors over age 65 than children under age 14. Not only are we living longer but adults over 100 years of age are the fastest growing age group. Today’s life expectancy is…

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Sharing the Caring

Are you part of the one million caregivers who said they felt they had no choice in taking on their caregiving responsibilities?

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Can A Family Caregiver Be Paid?

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