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AMT and Donations

Changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) rates and rules are scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2024.  For the first time AMT will apply to charitable donations from high-income individuals, which is worrying for charities and donors. Simply, targeting donations is poor tax policy that will produce unintended…

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Better Life Insurance Donations

Recently I received an inquiry from a life insurance advisor about a client who wished to establish a policy and donate it to two charities.  My colleague wanted to know if this was possible.  In my experience it is possible, but not the best way to do it. Donation Structures…

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Restricted gifts of real estate

When I was a young charitable gift planner, my charity was offered a cluster of islands on Georgian Bay.  Surrounding the 100-year-old family cottage were sheds, cabins and boat houses.  The donors had a vision: it would be a children’s camp. It was a stunning property.  Valuable, despite the sagging,…

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Budget 2019: Erosion of Charitable Incentives

The 2019 Federal Budget was uneventful in terms of charitable incentives (journalism aside), but there are two proposals that will directly affect giving. The first relates to donations of cultural property – especially art with foreign origins – and the second to employee stock options. The former represents the reinstatement…

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Life Insurance Gifts Restructured

Life insurance is an effective way to make a significant future donation, but the unfortunate reality is that charitable policies have a high lapse rate.  Thousands of policies have been donated since 1979 when the Canada Revenue Agency allowed premiums to be receipted.  Sadly too few pay out to fund…

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Donations involving Private Company Shares & Real Estate

The announcement in the 2015 Federal Budget that capital gains would be eliminated on donations involving private company shares and real estate was short on detail. As a result the measure, which would be effective beginning 2017, was not passed by Parliament. In mid-summer, the Department of Finance released the…

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