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Thank You for Being a Friend – The Legacy of Betty White

Today’s blog has been written by Jessica J. Butler, Law Clerk at Fasken LLP Betty Marion White was born on January 17, 1922 and passed away at her home on December 31, 2021 – just 17 days shy of her 100th birthday. “I feel like crawling under the covers and eating…

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Donor-Advised Funds: Benefits and Drawbacks of the Increasingly Popular Means of Philanthropic Giving

A donor-advised fund is established when a donor makes a contribution to a foundation or financial institution and that fund operates much like a trust fund in that the donor (like a settlor) does not retain legal ownership over any property they place in the fund. However, the foundation or financial institution administering the property “provides administrative and investment assistance to the donor and gives the donor advisory privileges about how it should deal with the donated property.”

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Is it really a Gift by Will?

Recently a charity contacted me about a long-time supporter who had just died. The late donor intended to make a bequest of valuable artwork, but the gift was not mentioned in her will. The family and executor were willing to donate the art on the condition that the charity provides…

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