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Estate Planning for The Likes of Taylor Swift: Considerations for Music Artists

With summer concerts, tours, and music festivals in full swing, I thought I would share estate planning considerations unique to music artists (the performing artists and songwriters, unless specified otherwise, the “artist”). I will use Taylor Swift as an example because the Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun controversy is helpful to my…

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Analog Art, Analog Assets

For my last blog post, I discussed the potential financial value of an individual’s “personalty” and clauses in wills governing such personalty. While an individual’s more traditional assets may include bank accounts, real estate or vehicles, there may also be some other personal items (e.g. collections) that may have significant…

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Art Copyright and Estates

Copyright & Art Ernest Gambart was a pioneering art dealer and showman in Victorian England who uncovered the value of art copyright.  His specialty was a triple play.  First, he mounted an exhibition (typically a single painting such as William Powell Firth’s The Derby Day); second, the sold the work; and third, he…

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