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Home is Where You Hang Your Hat- or is it?

Retirement accommodation can be costly.  I have written about the cost of remaining at home with 24 hour care ( $35/hr on average in Canada), I have written about NORCs and sharing the caring and I have written about retirement residences and long term care homes. CTV News had an…

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Alternatives to Long Term Care

With the reputation of Long Term Care Homes hitting a new low, it comes as no surprise that seniors want to grow older in their own homes. A few facts: The number of seniors increased by 4.2 million over the past 38 years. Over the next 22 years Canada will…

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Here we go again- round 2

As I write this blog, it’s grey, cold, there is snow on the ground and many of us have just started our second round of Covid lockdown. Not much to be excited about, yet as we put one foot in front of the other, we need to appreciate how much…

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Living alone, being lonely and the perils of isolation.

We already know that loneliness is a major debilitating cause of  health decline in seniors. Over the years I have blogged about the challenge of seniors living on their own, without a support network.  During this pandemic, the isolation and separateness of everyone was very difficult on all us. However…

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Today is National Senior’s Day.

What does this mean exactly? Does it mean a greater discount at Shopper’s or at Timmy’s. I don’t think so…… It is actually a reminder to all of us to acknowledge the great contribution made by seniors every day. As boomers reach this milestone, a senior is officially defined as…

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