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ICE, not just frozen water

Most of us these days carry a cell phone (and now more prevalent smart phones) but do we really use them to their fullest potential.  A cell phone is great if you are caught in a snow storm and need to call for a tow but what happens if you get in an accident and you are unconscious?  How will emergency personnel know who to contact?

There is a movement, started in the mid-2000s in England to have people add to their cell phone address book a contact named “ICE” (in case of emergency).  If you have more than one in case of emergency contact simply add ICE1, ICE 2 and so on.  You may have 100 people in your address book and unless you named your mother ‘mom’ or wife/husband as such the emergency responder or hospital will not know who to call.  Your cell phone, an incredibly useful tool becomes useless unless you are conscious and can speak.

For those of us with smart phones that can be locked simply add ICE to the owner information and the information will be visible on the phone’s screen without having to unlock it.

Lesson Learned: It will only take you a few minutes to make important contact information available to emergency responders.  So do it.

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Jasmine Sweatman

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